About the Poet

                                           JONATHAN SANFORD SAUL

Jon began writing poetry at an early age, mastering the acrostic style. His latest work, The Candice Poems,

embodies his ardent love for his lady, a demanding taskmaster who requires that reality pervade every line.

Fortunately, as a muse and a lover, she is most prolific. Hence, this volume is truly a work of non-fiction.


An educator, administrator and consultant, Jon earned his B.A. in History, with minors in Education and Philosophy,

from The City College of New York and his Masterís in Philosophy in European Intellectual History from The City

University of New York, with minors in British Intellectual History and Modern European History. Throughout his

professional career, Jon has been in numerous higher educational settings, including the New York City Board of

Education, Bank Street College of Education, the City University of New York, and the University of Phoenix.

For the last several years, Jon has been teaching writing, reading, philosophy and ethics in the classroom and on-line.


During his career, Jon has authored numerous successful grant proposals and has contributed to professional publications,

including LaGuardia Community Collegeís College Knowledge and Reading Strategies, for which he serves as

social science editor. The textbook, The American English Express, embodies his educational pedagogy for

basic skills students. Jon has volunteered for many non-profit groups, neighborhood organizations and local

governments as a community organizer, writer, editor, activist, tutor and information technology specialist.

He is a man of varied interests, including acting, carpentry, chess, and handball.


                                         Jonathan Sanford Saul



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