written for Candice Brearley

                   by Jonathan Sanford Saul



How many times can I express the thought,      

A miracle in thou God has surely wrought,                                

Perhaps Lillian and Joe knew your true value,               

Purposefully loving, as indeed was your due,                            

Yes, treating you honestly your whole life through!        


Buttressed by this steady and truthful foundation,

Insistently you’ve explored the mysteries of creation,

Reality holds great wonders and beauty, it is true,

Thoroughly portrayed by the artist that is you!

Here’s splendor laid bare by a stroke of your brush,

Delivering rhapsodies in color, oh, what a rush!

Authentically interpreted by your most accurate eye,

Yes, educing in the viewer many a moan and a sigh!

                                          Jonathan Sanford Saul


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