Candice Recipe

                 written for Candice Brearley

                   by Jonathan Sanford Saul


Combine each of her exquisite parts,
Add the kindest and truest of hearts,
Now roll together with unrivaled smarts,
Delicately join with a sense of the fine arts,
Include some spice, as in the choicest of tarts,
Conclude with one of Cupid's fine darts,
Easily this will be a dish for the charts!

Begin with a sweet caress of the mind,
Reach deeply and I'm sure you will find,
Each step of the process is in love bound,
All ingredients are the best to be found!
Record this method in your mind's eye,
Leave something out and it will go awry!
Ever if you with this recipe do comply,
You'll have an incredible dish to try!

                                                   Jonathan Sanford Saul



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