written for Candice Brearley

                   by Jonathan Sanford Saul


     Creativity’s your middle name!

     As logical clarity is your game!

     No peer of body, visage or mane!

     Darts from Cupid at you I aim!

     You are the only one to blame!


     Color of gold,

     A wonder to behold,

     Not a wrinkle or fold,

     Does mar a beautiful mold,

     You are perfection, all qualities told! 

                                       Jonathan Sanford Saul


Candice Brearley   Rose Tri-Color  Oil   20” x 30”   


Creamy smooth is the texture of my love’s skin,

As comfortable a place as I’ve ever been,

Next to her only are the goddesses’ kin,

Double, for she is surely Venus’ twin:

                  Youthfully stunning both outside and in!

                                                                                                                     Jonathan Sanford Saul             




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