Cherries are her most Favorite Fruit


                written for Candice Brearley

                  by Jonathan Sanford Saul


Cherries are her most favorite fruit,
And she eats them in her birthday suit!
Not one stitch will she have on,

Do not think, though, the stilettos are gone!
I know why she keeps them on her feet,

Clearly the feeling can't be beat,
Even in the snow– and that's neat!

Believe me she’s one to wear,

Red sandals when no one else will dare!
Ever does she, so the rumor mill goes,
Always roam so you can see her toes!
Really, there are sometimes when,
Love demands she shuck shoes, and then
Ever gently will I do her from head to heels,
Yearning to show her just how love feels!

Jonathan Sanford Saul                                     
CANDICE BREARLEY  Female Nude  Conte Crayon  18”  x  23”





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