written for Candice Szalay Brearley

                   by Jonathan Sanford Saul


Colors do her world define and compute,

Articulated through senses superlatively acute,

Neither Cresius’ hoard nor Midas’ loot,

Do rival her worth, she’s awfully astute,

Indescribably such that all competition is moot,

Completely irresistible to this old coot.

Essentially awestruck, I often stand mute.


Such poise and insight – so much life has she tasted,

Zilch of value in this world has she wasted,

As if with excellent karma is her life basted,

Leaving aside her extraordinary skill,

Amazing is she with her steadfast iron will,

Youthfulness adorns her mantle, yet still.


Beautiful, she is, with her long mane of chestnut,

Resplendent in red, with eyes of mid-green, but

Equally gorgeous in anything that is black,

Adept with a brush for few talents does she lack!

Really her strengths are quite varied and strong,

Life by her side never feels wrong,

Evidently with my darling I do belong,

Years of companionship -- an endless love song.

                                                              Jonathan Sanford Saul




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