Friendship Poems by Jonathan Sanford Saul:


Billís the guy who gets backgrounds straight,

In cyber space his skills are great,

Leaves no stone unturned in his art quest,

Loves to google Dali to find his best!


Mostly, the kitchen is his favorite room,

Ever do his gastronomic masterpieces bloom,

Regina says no oneís as funny by half,

Zany crude antics, which cause all to laugh!




Generous as a host, exasperating as a guest,

Ultimately, he canít help but to suggest,

Yes, all of the changes he thinks are the best!


Daredevil when it comes to being uncouth,

Ever able, however, to come up with the truth,

Noted lover who took three brides in his prime,

No longer comes early, thank God heís on time,

Instead of simply limping on worn out knees,

Sips good wine, he does, and lives life to the lees.


Delightfully kindhearted, a marvelous cook,

Ever the one to alter recipes from the book,

Living for food, heíll your pantry devour,

Most of the time supplies last less than an hour!

Once he begins drinking, his perspicacity gains power,

Noting life is not a rehearsal in that sonorous voice,

Then you know, as a friend, he is the best choice!

                                          Jonathan Sanford Saul




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