by Jonathan Sanford Saul


The house was built in seventeen hundred and sixty one,

His majesty, King George the third, did the colonists shun,

Every major aspect of their lives was taxed a ton!


Brothers Joseph and David and even the latterís son,

Readied among the local folk for what must be done,

Each played a crucial role as the hostilities begun,

Arming themselves against Redcoats and the hired Hun!

Relying on their muskets, each patriot with a gun,

Liberty was the goal and true independence was won!

Every Colony knew freedom; the world did this stun!

Yes, the great powers of Europe trembled, all did save none!


How to forge a lasting union became the new quest,

Our future did on the Constitution Conventioneers rest,

Unless they compromised, all posterity would be lost,

So young David convinced them to pay politicís cost,

Essentially past due when the Delaware was crossed!


Instead of a figurehead leader, David he proposed,

New powers of action be in the executive enclosed!


Moreover, an assistant in waiting, he suggested,

All to smooth succession in whom power is invested,

In time proving that partisan bloodshed can be bested!

Daring, as Chief Justice, he helped guide the Constitution,

Establishing judicial review as a democratic institution!

Now the house on Meadow Lane stands as reminder of when,

Home was the Georgian Brick for Brearley women and men,

Ere will this historic structure have a story to say,

As their legacy of justice does survive to this day,

David and the Brearleys helped define the American way!





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